Pehel, literally meaning initiative , signifies our effort as a change agent for inclusive and sustainable social development and our commitment towards amplifying people’s voices.

Pehel, The Initiative (popularly known as Pehel), registered under the Societies Registration Act 1864, is actively involved in awareness generation aimed towards behavioral change and advocacy on social issues through innovative means of mass communication throughout the country. Pehel works across a diverse spectrum spanning sustainable livelihood, hygiene and sanitation, health, education and gender.


To improve the quality of human life throughself dignity, community education, self efficacy and in longer run to bring about behavioral change for all round development of society.


To develop a healthy and informed society that provides for a holistic and sustainable development of the people in a responsive social order.


Pehel manages its affairs with its national and regional level teams comprising of multi-disciplinary professionals, ranging from social development, media and technical experts. Besides these, Pehel maintains a panel of thematic consultants who provide valuable suggestions on time to time bases, keeping in mind the ever changing social scenario.

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