Sapno Ko Chali Chooney

Sapno KO Chali Chooney is one of the flagship project of Pehel, aimed that women empowerment and addressing the issue of Gender Equality. The project was initiated by Jagran Pehel in partnership with UNFPA and Women Development Corporation, Bihar.


Sapno Ko Chali Chooney (SKCC) is a platform that provides an environment to empower college-going girls with self-realization and self-efficacy and ultimately emerge as future potential leaders of the community. Through a process of orientation, sensitization, partnership, networking, capacity building and opportunity generation, the project aims to involve all stakeholders including students, college administration, teachers, guardians as well as NGO’s with the same passion and zeal towards the issue of women empowerment.

It was initiated as a joint initiative between UNFPA India and Jagran Pehel in 2009, with the intent to provide a platform to young women who have in them, a readiness to influence the direction and pace of social change.

In the last three phases, the program covered almost fifty percent of the districts across the 9 commissionaires. It now aims to scale up and expand the intervention covering colleges across 18 new districts (remaining) and also few colleges in some of the selected already intervened districts in the state. The program is being implemented UNFPA as our technical partner, to give the necessary impetus to the project.

Empowering young women in Bihar to understand their capabilities and address the issue of gender inequality
  • To mentor college girls to be Champions of Change in society by providing them awareness, motivation and opportunity to start a ripple effect for gender empowerment
  • To initiate sustainable processes of women’s empowerment by engaging with local stakeholders in Bihar




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